Looking for: 2012 Kizashi AWD CVT transmission

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As the title suggests, :facepalm:

I am currently located in the Boston area and looking for any sensible and suitable options at my disposal to keep this car on the road.

P0777 error code at roughly 110,000 miles and the local shop is suggesting it should just be replaced. The local shop suggested that I just swap a used one in given the cost of the shop hours to open it up and expect it.

The ONLY Suzuki service center (almost 75 miles away) said they could attempt to diagnose the code for around $500, but then I'd have to tow it. They also said local shops can't make the swap due to the codes (and I have no idea if I'm being lied to here).

If anyone is local or shipping a transmission or can just better explain to me what's right and what's wrong here , please let me know.
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What is the car doing when you drive it? Hmm... not sure about that code, but check your local junk yards--- you'll find one. Did your local shop give you an (approx?) price to replace your CVT ?
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junkyard.dog.com is a clearing house for recycled auto parts. Put in what you need and they will have multiple yards contact you with details.
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