ROAD/RACE- Need some help here thnx

Suggest new sections, and let us know about any errors that may need to be fixed.
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Need a hand getting my account all set up right.

I cannot seem to find where you subscribe to threads. IT is making it a little hard for me to help guys out cause I never get an email about new posts.

Also have trouble setting up my SIg. WHERE IS IT? Any help would be great.

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Sig/Avatar Editing:
(top)User Control Panel--> Profile (left middle)--> Edit signature
Avatar is in the profile menu

You probably won't need to do this because you can go directly to board preferences once you have got into the user control panel
(top)User Control Panel-->Board preferences-->Edit posting defaults-->Turn on "Notify me upon replies by default:" --> Hit submit
(I have never tested this feature, but I think it will work.

Also under
(top)User Control Panel-->Board preferences-->Edit global settings
It is a good idea to edit your timezone so it doesn't look like people are posting things at 4 a.m. :)

"Subscribe topic" should appear just under the top "post reply button"

If you use rss feeds. Another option to consider. (Sort of a hack is suppose since I don't have a button)
" ... ?f=6&t=350" becomes
"" This option puts all the posts into an rss feed. You could just have an rss feed program on your computer automatically grab all the new posts off your threads.
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