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 #51801  by KuroNekko
 Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:30 am
johnhenrydale wrote:
old tech wrote:On the bump stop issue, the sb113 is a universal fit . Ived used many of these but never on a Kizashi . The Kizashi top mount, in my opinion, is a bit weak by design . I wouldnt alter it. If you can wait awhile, the revised oem part 42250-57L03 can be purchased for less than $20 bucks each through the bad news is it may take 6 weeks. I recently bought the oem belt tensioner for only $67 and rear sway bar bushings for a few dollars each.

So I ended up going for the KYB SB113 's because apparently there's literally only ONE OEM 4225057L03 bumpstopper in the USA right now. I also ordered a pair of the 4225057L03's from but they will take 6-8 weeks to arrive because COVID.

I also bought the KYB SB113 rear bump stoppers. I'll compare them with the OEM 4225057L03 I have currently installed from the time I had the warranty work done. I thought about reusing the OE revised bump stoppers but I've put about 65,000 miles on them, including some offroad duty. Given I now live in one of the most arid climates in the US, I don't think I'll have to worry about corrosion caused by bump stoppers, regardless of design. I got the KYB SB113 for about $14 each on I'm replacing everything related to the dampers that I can find on the aftermarket. I went with Moog front bump stoppers/sleeves given RockAuto didn't have the KYB ones in stock. I don't think the fronts matter all that much given they were not subject to the corrosion issue like the rears. I'm doing the rears myself and taking the fronts to a pro so they can reuse my springs and then do an alignment. I'm excited for the all new suspension given the car's been rather rough lately with the ride.
 #51802  by johnhenrydale
 Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:00 am
Very Cool, will be good to compare notes after installation. I finally got the last of all my KYB suspension components delivered today and am headed to Bill Seidle Mitsubishi (formerly Suzuki) to have everything installed early AM tomorrow. I had hoped to save some money installing some components myself, but I really don't have ay suitable space to work on the car here at the condo building where we live - they even start looking at me funny when I drop the bumper to change the headlights. I will document everything pretty thoroughly, including taking some side-by-side photos of both sets of shocks and struts just to compare and have a visual record for what is probably one of the most active topics on this forum. I'm changing rear shocks, front struts, rear bumpstops, front (top) strut mounts and bump stoppers and all sway bar linkages, as well as adding the RRM front strut bar, which was apparently the last one they had in stock (sidenote: I am DONE dealing with that company - their owner is completely out to lunch / on drugs / unprofessional / unhinged). I'm also adding some Borla mufflers to give it just a little extra growl. Next week I'm adding some SP Performance rotors and that should complete my upgrades for now. Stay tuned!
 #51803  by Ronzuki
 Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:44 pm
I'm truly jealous...
 #51813  by johnhenrydale
 Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:01 am
Update: apparently the master mechanic at the Suzuki dealer is in the hospital so repairs are on hold for the moment. Hoping to have them finished this week.

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