CVT noise when using paddle shifts

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Greetings to all
My brother and I find the Kizashi to be an excellent model. Very original line, lots of options, 4x4, reliable motor, etc etc

That's why we are looking to buy one for my brother. We went to try a 2013 Kizashi, 32'000km
The car is in excellent condition, it drives very well and the transmission works without any problem or noise in D

On the other hand, when we change gears manually, for example from 2nd to 3rd, or from 3rd to 4th, the cvt makes a whining noise when the engine regime goes down (for example when it goes from 6000rpm to 3000rpm)

Is this normal with this CVT? It doesn't have this whining when accelerating. Only when the engine regime is "going down", not like most of the videos and complains that I found on internet. Still, I don't find that very normal.

ps: the cvt oil was never changed, so it's already old oil, even tho it only made 32'000km

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No one?
My brother made the deal so we hope that the cvt transmission will not fall apart
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Hi Notario.
I am not an expert but I think it's kinda normal. in my car hard downshifting always makes some noise from CVT (more like an engine roar I guess )but I try not to do that really. and one other thing 32K is the pretty low millage but considering 8 years I suggest changing CVT oil as soon as possible maybe this helps to reduce whining noise at downshifting.
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The low mileage is the strongest thing going for you but as Saeed stated, change that CVT fluid ASAP. I'd also really avoid any hard manual shifts with the CVT. CVTs aren't really durable transmissions and with age and mileage, key components of the CVT can deteriorate leading to transmission failure. The key to preventing this is fluid changes regularly (every 30,000 miles?) and really avoiding high heat/high stress usage of the CVT as much as possible.
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Meh...I hard shift mine regularly and routinely. Up and down. I engine brake constantly w/ the paddles. Passing someone...downshift and throttle hard. It gets driven hard in that regard, because, it's nature of the beast so to speak. Car has 97k miles, it's had its CVT fluid drained and filled 3x at around 80k, replaced w/ OE fluid ,and both filters changed. To support the claim of just how much engine braking the car performs, via manual shifts, the original OE brake pads were just replaced (no rotors). With the old pads in hand returned by request, I conservatively estimate I could have easily put another 20-25k on those pads the way I driven the car its entire life. I only sprang for the pads this year after being told 3 years in a row by the inspection mechanics "you'll need pads before next inspection". Oh well, first and last set of pads I'll ever have to put on it.

I also highly recommend changing the fluid asap, and continue to do so every 30k like any other conventional AT service, despite what the manual states regarding meaningful service which is none. Much later on (years) they finally issued a TSB indicating: yeah, maybe we were wrong about that...change the fluid. The CVT unit is barely big enough to haul the Kizashi around. Should have probably been the next larger model in the Jatco lineup, but very likely couldn't be made to fit.

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