Ignition coil melt down

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I had a 2010 Se Kizashi with 163k miles show up with a misfire PO301 and here is what I found .Image
The number 1 ignition coil shorted out badly but did not blow a fuse. It smelled very burnt and nearly caught fire. It melted the plastic valve cover almost through .Image
Now that’s a hot one. I got this fixed and before she could leave, the ESL gave her fits on a restart. Here she’d been putting up with the random patience trial for a year. Im getting the car back for a cheap fix here and I’m going cut the wire from the door ajar switch going to the keyless entry computer and add a toggle switch so I can fool computer that door never opened but still have working dome light and if the need arises, car can be put back in unaltered wiring mode.

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