Happy New Year

Anything related to the Kizashi can go here, but please look at the other headings first. Your topic may fit better under something else.
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A few days late, but Happy New Year. I'm sure many are ready for a better year this year.

In relation to the Kizashi, my 2011 Kizashi Sport GTS has a production date of 12/2010 so it is now officially a decade old with about 103,500 miles. I've had it since the summer of 2012 with only 7,500 miles. It's been the best car I've owned, offering a mix of ideal attributes ranging from reliability, comfort, handling, and value.
While there are many enticing newer vehicles on the market, I don't find one good enough to depart with the Kizashi yet so I plan to hang on to it. In this light, I plan to make it my Kizashi New Year Resolution to get the car to a condition to take on the next 100,000 miles. I've replaced some major parts like all the dampers recently, but need to do some others like replacing the coolant and belt. My original HID bulbs also need replacing as they aren't as bright as when new. I also have some noise coming from what I think might be the front sway bar bushings or other front end parts. I also want to spend some time polishing the car and addressing the chips and dents.
I know 2021 will bring us a mix of new members excited about their new (to them) Kizashi and others who will bid their Kizashis farewell for a range of reasons. Some of us will stay on the road behind the familiar wheel. Here's to a new year with this obscure but charming car!
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Kinda my sentiments. I have a 2012 Kiz that I too, don't see myself replacing anytime soon.

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Happy New Year. Congrats on the milestone.
If you're replacing the bulbs in January, you may want to wear an extra layer...as I'm sure you know what that task entails.
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Happy New Year to all.

Nice cars........
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No plans on getting rid of mine. Just did a flush and fill on the CVT (times 3). I need to address a leaky valve cover gasket. (I think that's where the oil is coming from) A squeak in the rear suspension although I replaced them and the bump stops a couple of years ago. Might be a bushing or link. I've thought about stockpiling some parts, like the bushings and links so that when the time comes, I don't have an issue with parts.
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No car payment vs new car payment means me and the Kiz will be together until one of us dies.

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No car payment vs new car payment means me and the Kiz will be together until one of us dies.


I am currently stuck at 'dead car no money'; we'll see what comes next (because something will........) :drive:
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