2012 kizashi headunit upgrade

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Just got a 2012 kizashi and im looking to upgrade the headunit to get gps and a reverse camera. It has the rockford system installed.
Been reading posts snd trying to do research on whats compatible with this system and how i would go about upgrading. Just trying to wrap my head around everything as im very new to all of this, so any tips suggestions would be great. Also wondering if its an install that would be able to be done by a beginner, or if would be better off getting it done by a profesional.
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Welcome Henree !

I'd say it's a job for a professional, you not only need to install the headunit and connect it to the wiring that goes back to the Rockford Fosgate amplifier in the trunk, but you need to install a camera and GPS antenna and run those wires, and figure out something to get the steering wheel controls to work.

There are a couple of threads on here about replacing the headunit, here's one, if you look at all the do it yourself posts you'll find others. https://kizashiclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=1112 If you're in the USA you might try Crutchfield https://www.crutchfield.com/S-O8XHO4gS1 ... ereos.html , they have all sorts of adapters and trim pieces to make things nice, and also give excellent advice.

I can't imagine replacing the top notch Rockford Fosgate head unit but then I specifically do not want a reverse camera or GPS. Phone does a much better job without ever needing an update and although I'm old, my head does still turn. Everyone wants/needs different thing, diversity is what keeps life interesting.
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