Body colored hood deflector

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All the fastening screws are well hidden under the hood. I have all the fasteners still in their plastic pouches.
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Sent you a PM yesterday. I am interested in the deflector in Perth.
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Anyone have a deflector or know where I can get one? I have a nasty case of rust in the center front of my hood and this deflector if painted would help cover it up nicely for the next year or two I expect to keep my 2010 Kizashi.
Hood rust
Hood rust
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What was the body rust warranty again? I would see if that's covered as a factory defect before bandaiding it.

And honestly, with the cost of a body colored hood deflector, you could probably get that repaired by a body shop.
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I agree with SamirD that it's a matter that should really get fixed rather than covered up. The rust will continue to spread and eventually eat through the sheet metal. I know you only plan to keep the car a few more years, but "rust never sleeps".
As for the deflector, I don' think you need to paint it. The OE accessory ones sold in the US were smoke-tinted so they aren't really transparent and would hide the rust. These were made in Australia and over there, I think they also offered clear hood deflectors. I bought mine a while back when Suzuki accessories were still abundant (2013?). Now, I think you'll need to search eBay and the like for one. I actually found a brand new one for sale in my region a year ago on Offer Up. I didn't buy it because I didn't need it.
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