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Toolless TPMS light reset instructions 2023!

Yes there are other threads on this, (Some Epic!) but there's a LOT of not quite correct information on them. I want this thread to stay clean with only true confirmed information added. SO PLEASE POST YOUR TPMS QUESTIONS ELSEWHERE ON OTHER THREADS! Once you get your answers if you have new confirmed information by all means add it here. But for now:

Having JUST successfully reset my confounded blinking TPMS light with no tool other than an air compressor I'm going to post the steps that worked for me while they're fresh. There's LOTS of information posted on this topic that were not a part of my experience so here's my particulars:

USA 2011 GTS Sport SLS AWD Navi
Not the original sensors. (We're probably all in that situation by now?)
No issue other than the light blinking after swapping for my snow tires.

Procedure for getting the car into relearn mode:
In prep you can turn the car on & mentally note the current blinking pattern of your light.
1) Inflate tires to pressure on door frame placard
(38 psi)
2) Open door and then Turn ignition ON (2 pushes, not ACC!)
3) Wait approximately 4 seconds. (The "ON" message had just not quite displayed yet on my success.) Press driver’s door frame switch for interior light for 4 seconds and release BUT for only a moment!
(¼ second-ish)
4) Press switch again for 4 seconds and release
5) Press switch again for 7 seconds and release
If successful the blinking pattern will have changed to a steady continuous on/off about the same as a normal turn signal. It is common for several attempts to be necessary before you find success.
6) Immediately let some air out of all 4 tires. I used a pressure guage's nub for about 25 seconds per tire. When I finished the last tire the blinking light was out and within a few seconds the LOW PRESSURE message displayed.
7) Starting with the Drivers Front, immediately air all tires up to normal 38-ish. Time is important so don't bother getting them perfect. You can do that later.
8) Start your car & drive a bit. Some report the light coming back on and having to repeat this process several times before it "sticks".

Other notes:
Some people report success using a 2 seconds, 2 seconds, 4 seconds pattern.
Some report that while in learn mode the blinking light goes away but the /!\ stays lit.

Good Luck!
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I finally got around to needing to to this myself for my winter wheels. Here is a copy of the official procedure from the service manual. It describes the sequence to trigger the relearn, as well as the blink pattern that indicates sensor registration.
Kizashi TPMS.pdf
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