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 #51965  by NickL
 Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:07 pm
Hi guys!

My name is Nikola and i live in Southwest Germany. So roughly in 16 or 17 hours I will hopefully become a proud owner of a 2012 Suzuki Kizashi Sport with manual transmission.

I came across an idea of getting a Kizashi suddenly when I figured out thay our Honda Civic hatchback, even though extremely practical and economical car, may not be a ideal solutin for long distances. So suddenly I found a dealer that had a nice, pearl white Kizashi for sale and I asked him if he is interested in taking my car with additional money for Kizashi. He was interested so i took 100 mile ride to take a closer look at the car. I test drove it around a block and was blown anay with the car looks, features, refined and powerful engine and driving experience. Civic in hatchback version with 6 speed manual and only 1280 kg is also a fun car to drive on twisty roads, but Kizashi is a whole new driving experience. Just can not be adequatly xompared.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be finishing my job a bit earlier and I'll be on my way to pick up this beatifull toy. Surely I will be back with some more impretions from the ride home. Hopefully I could get some good advices irom you guys, since Kizashi is extremely rare car in Germany. In an ocean of European and especiallyt German cars, no one knows how Kizashi good is. And that makes it another good reason to own this Pearl...
 #51966  by SRN
 Wed Aug 05, 2020 11:00 pm
Congrats! Kizashi's are great drivers, and highly under appreciated. Driving one on German roads would be a hoot!
 #51968  by Tom Kizzie
 Thu Aug 06, 2020 12:55 am

Are you around Birkenfeld? I was there a few weeks ago for 1 week with my black kizashi. On the last day i saw a grey kizashi there. I think he saw me driving. You will get thumbs up and happy faces from other owners and be prepared to a lot of people turning their heads to see what you are driving.
 #51970  by NickL
 Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:23 am
Tom Kizzie wrote:Welcome,

Are you around Birkenfeld? I was there a few weeks ago for 1 week with my black kizashi. On the last day i saw a grey kizashi there. I think he saw me driving. You will get thumbs up and happy faces from other owners and be prepared to a lot of people turning their heads to see what you are driving.

I am in Mannheim, so around 100 km away from Birkenfeld...

Well, to be completely honest, I am not type of guy who likes his car to be a headturner. I am more in a way of getting good quality, reliable, comfortable, but then again powerfull enough and fun car to drive. I drive 3 times in Year from Germany to my homeland in Serbia, and that is roughly around 800 miles in one direction. That means at least 13, 14 hours of driving in one direction, and I am convinced that Kizashi is made for this kind of long journeys, to make them exciting and fun.

However, I don't remember if I ever saw Kizashi on the streets in Germany. There are here and there a few Swifts or Vitaras, but Kizashi is definitely the Unicorn here...
 #51974  by KuroNekko
 Thu Aug 06, 2020 5:32 pm
The Kizashi is a rare car anywhere. It's very rare even in Japan where they were made.
There is no doubt the Kizashi is a more refined and comfortable car than a smaller and lighter compact like the Civic. It's certainly better for longer road trips. I have no doubt the Kizashi will serve you well on your trips from Germany to Serbia. I drove across the USA in my manual Kizashi three years ago, averaging 900 miles a day for 3 days. The car was ideal for this trip.
Enjoy your Kizashi. Post some pics. We like to see the Euro-spec features.
 #51978  by NickL
 Thu Aug 06, 2020 10:10 pm
You are totally right! Kizashi is just made for long journeys and cruising along the highway. After riding it 100 miles today, I just can't understand why this car didn't have a huge success. It is so amazing!

I just came back home wihth my Kizashi, and I am again amazed how good car is. First of all, I like cause it has a big Tank. Well not so big compared to bigger cars, but its 63 liters certainly sounds better than only 50 in Civic. Second, steering wheel is so direct and stiff. It reminds me a lot on my ex Alfa Romeo 159 which also had very direct handling. Something like BMW.
I am not such a big fan of features in car, but the list of Kizashis features doesn't leave much more to ask. And the cabin itself seems so luxurious, and so good made. Really gives an impression of more expensive car.

And the engine and transmission are a song! I am so glad that I bought an MT even though in last decade in Europe an Automatic transmission is becoming very popular choice (opposite from you guys in US). To be honest, I have nothing against a good and responsive automatic, but when it takes a soul from a car like CVT does, when it makes it 2 seconds slower from 0 to 60, and plus is not so reliable like rest of the car, thanks but no thanks. I'll stick with the MT as long as I can.

Anyway, transmission is working flawlesly. I had a great fun today from cruising at around 60 mph in sixth gear, and then downshifting in fourth with full throtle, the car is pulling really good and eats the road in front of it.
I know that 180 bhp is not much these days, but it something that is just fine for an everyday family car. And I like it so much because it is not a turbo. I have no problems at all when I need to downshift 2 gears to get the best out of the engine and rev it harder. The ones that claim that engines without turbo but with same power are slow, are usually the ones who need to learn how to properly use the gearbox. :)

I will post the pics and the description of car history in another topic. I think that is the least what this baby deserves. :)
 #51989  by KlutzNinja
 Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:01 am

Glad you like your Kizashi so much.
Just curious, does your model have the xenon high-intensity discharge headlights that Europe got but the United States didn’t? If so, that will help against the headlight bulbs burning out on a relatively frequent basis, which is a notorious issue on halogen headlight-equipped Kizashis. At least you don’t have to worry about the transmission dying early like those of us with the CVT :lol:
 #51991  by NickL
 Sat Aug 08, 2020 12:47 pm
Well, there are not many things on this car not to like. :) Maybe the trunk could be a bit bigger but it's not small either. Anyway, I have the feeling that this car is not meant to carry big and junky stuff. Just the passengers and ther luggage, which is absolutely fine to me...

Anyway, I think that all EU models have Xenon headlamps as standard. Mine surely does, with additional washers. It really has pleanty stuff, but most of all I like the sunroof. :)

And the problem with CVT is not only the reliability. It makes the car accelerate slower on lower speeds and that is not acceptable to me. Looks like that on the paper, my old 1.8 Civic is faster from 0 to 60 than Kizashi with CVT, and that is something that I couldn't live with if I have bought Kizashi with CVT. Thank God I didn't. :)