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Introduce yourself here, also we will post links to topics we find the most valuable on the forum to help out new members.
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Dear all members,

Let me introduce me real quick, My name is Laurens and I live in The Netherlands, nearby Amsterdam.
Last Friday I bought a full option (we only have full option 2.4 4WD vehicles sold by the importer in The Netherlands) Suzuki Kizashi year 2010.
I'm 31 years of age, I have a wife, 1 real son, and 2 "bonus" daughters.

12 years ago I visted the Suzuki dealer and try to buy a Suzuki Swift Sport (as a starter vehicle).
Despite my hard work, I wasn't able to and ended with a Toyota Corolla GTSI.
But when I visited the dealer, they just received a brand new Suzuki, the Kizashi.
I really liked the vehicle from the first moment, but my feeling was that 40.000EUR for a Suzuki in NL was to much.
Now, in 2022, it's a fact, we only have 220 Kizashi's driving in NL. It wasn't a sales succes, but men I'm glad that 12 years later I was able to buy the car.

As stated all options factory fitted are on the vehicle, the only thing is missing (in my point of view) is a 2-DIN aftermarket anno 2022 radio and some visual improvements.
So the first thing I will do is browse through the forum and see how to convert the original radio to a full functioning 2-DIN 2022 radio including rear view parking camera (for the wife :D ).
As visual improvement I need to fix two dents and sand blast and paint the wheels again, all paint is comming off.

Besides that, It's a Suzuki and has been taken care of the last years.

If there is anybody quick with shareing and has some experience with changing the radio, please let me know.

Any questions, feel free.
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Welcome and glad to see you are excited about your Kizashi.
While the car was optioned differently around the world as a global vehicle, it appears you have wheels that are not original to the car. Your car is a model year 2010 and the body style indicates that because only from 2011 did the Kizashi get a "Kizashi Sport" model with a different front fascia, side sills, and a rear spoiler along with a 10mm lower suspension and Sport wheels. Your Kizashi, being a 2010, is not a Sport model yet you have Sport wheels. I think the previously owner swapped out the heavier original wheels and put on the Sport wheels.

As for the radio swap-out, there is quite a lot on this forum on the topic. I suggest you search the site and you will likely find the posts and pictures of others who have taken on the project.

Enjoy your Kizashi!
2011 Suzuki Kizashi Sport GTS 6MT (Black)
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Hi KuroNekko,

I already learned the first new thing about my Kizashi.
You are right, I don't have the additional spoiler (and I think in NL also chrome on the side is different + Lower grill).
I can't find any other difference in the NL supplied vehicles besided the chrome on the lower doors and the tiny spoiler. (now I want to have the spoiler also) :lol:

I need to take the wheels off nevertheless so I can see if they are aftermarket or at least original Suzuki but then from a Sport.
See attached a picture from the front and rear.

Front Kizashi.png
Front Kizashi.png (559.45 KiB) Viewed 1566 times
Back Kizashi.png
Back Kizashi.png (420 KiB) Viewed 1566 times
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