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Samsung Admire.... paired the very first time without any issues and has worked great for 6 months now.
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Motorola RAZR... Worked flawlessly with the Ice Cream Sandwich OS. However, since the phone has been updated with the Jellybean OS, it will intermittently work in the Kizashi. The phone recognizes the Kizashi, the car recognizes the RAZR but there is no sound coming through the speakers. I have tried to re-pair the Bluetooth several times but it just seems to work when it feels like it. While it's frustrating that I can not rely on the Bluetooth now, I don't know if it's the phone or the car. I'm sure Motorola will point to the Suzuki and Suzuki will point to the Motorola. Does anyone else have this issue?
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I’m using Canadian version of Samsung Galaxy S3 (equivalent of AT&T version in the States). Bluetooth works fine but I can’t get the car to download or recognize the phonebook stored in my phone. Does anyone else have this problem? Some of the previous posts mentioned you can upload the phone’s phonebook to the car. I wonder how you do it, or how to link to your phone’s phone book? Can anyone help me here please? Any help is appreciated!
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I´m using an iPhone 5 without any troubles. I can stream music and make calls using the steering wheel controls.
It will also stream the sound from 2 different GPS apps and games. If there is an alarm or reminder, it will sound trough the car speakers, as well as if the phone rings while paired with the car.
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I'm using a Sony Android os phone with my bluetooth. It streams music and I can answer & make calls using it. I manually inputted my phone numbers into the bluetooth system. I haven't tried recently but don't remember seeing any easy way of uploaded my phone phonebook otherwise obviously I would of done it. It's a bit of a pain doing it manually and while it's easy to anser phone calls I find it a bit of a pain to make calls using the bluetooth phonebook.
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love everything about the car except the bluetooth system its very painfull im using the S4 i just wish the car downloaded my phonebook and used voice recognition like my nissan sentra
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2012 GTS with RF system. IPhone 4S worked perfectly for streaming, USB, all functions worked through steering wheel as well. Updated to ios 7.0.2 and now I have lost some functions. I can't bypass songs on my audio player from my steering wheel control as before from USB or Bluetooth. When my kids watch Netflix on the phone it has to be Bluetooth because when the phone is charging in the USB port video is lost but sound continues. Kind of a pain. My phone book would never load but I can call using voice commands. It's one of those works good but not great systems apparently.
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Per another forum member - I reset my iPhone and everything works as before...Easy fix, should have thought of it myself but glad I came here for the information.
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I've gotten my NEC Terrain to pair to the SLS Kenwood/Navi system as a headset. It tries to poll my phone for stuff and even though I accept it on the phone side, it doesn't seem to work. I don't store anything in my phone so it really doesn't matter, but I really wish SMSs and call logs would at least be there.

I need to check if we have any AM radio reception. That's kinda a major issue if it is one.
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Very happy to report that I just picked up my 2011 SLS and successfully paired my Galaxy Note 3.
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