Suzuki Waku E-Car

Information regarding future changes to the Kizashi. Press releases regarding the car and motorsports related topics go here.
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I like it and think if Suzuki wants to survive the JDM in the next 10 to 20 years, these kinds of products are crucial. While Suzuki is strong in markets like India which will be slower to change, they really need to catch up in more developed and high-tech markets like in their home nation of Japan.
I think it's inevitable that EVs will be taking over first-world nations very soon. They are proving to be superior vehicles for many urban dwellers.

In case people aren't aware how or why this "Waku" is a retro design, check out the Suzuki Suzulight. It's Suzuki first ever car.


Now, the Waku:

2011 Suzuki Kizashi Sport GTS 6MT (Black)
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I would love this. I am big into ev's. They are the future.
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If that EV does not excite you with the retro looks, you could always enjoy this new concept Suzuki concept car that has just been announced. Introducing the new Ikigai with it's very futuristic looks.


Suzuki Ikigai EV concept car
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That is a nice render of a concept though. I would like to see one for real.
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