Suzuki leaving the Canadian Market?

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Yup, Surrey/Langley border. They gave me $17,000 for my Kizashi and I had 25,000kms on it. I know it's low but I didn't want to hold on to a car with no value when I sell it. It was a very nice car both inside and out but in terms of the fun factor, it was lacking in my opinion.
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Not bad. Congrats on the STI! Must be a blast to drive
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I'm jealous of the power. I'm not jealous of the ride or the fuel economy.
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The rides not too bad for what it is, even on the new K-Sport coilovers. My wife's stock Lancer GTS actually handled better than the Kizashi with H & R sport springs.

As far as fuel economy, the Kizashi got 530 to 550 Km/tank, the Subaru is getting 450km/tank, but it's definitely a blast to rip around town in.
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