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 #50273  by Qularyl
 Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:10 am
I have to say I am a long-time subaru guy, owning STi's and foresters. But circumstance change, I am selling my STi to welcome a new marriage, and shopping for an AWD car for my wife as a daily commuter (she is a new driver, living in the city and used to public transportation). Well, I looked up Subaru's at first but their price is outrageous considering the mileage, especially on WRX model. The 2.5 N/A engine are prone to oil leak. So I started looking elsewhere, and come across with the final list.

ALL automatic trans:
1. 2006-7 2.5i Impreza with 70-100k miles (~$7.5 - 10k)
2. Bug eye / Tear eye WRX roughly 80-100k miles (~$10k) But VERY hard to find
3. Came across a 2003 330xi with 60k miles, (~$10k)
4. 2007-8-9 Suzuki SX4 with ~60k miles, (~$8 - 10k)
5. 2006 Infiniti G35x with roughly 85k miles, (~$10k)

I really wanted to know what will you prefer in terms of a commuter projected for 3-5 upcoming years of use. I never drove a Suzuki and my friend's Aerio sx was a nightmare. My ex had a wagon (Idk the name) it seemed okay. What do you guys say about the SX4 hatch?

And one more off topic question:

Just curious on how everyone goes about getting their car washed. A side question that goes a long with that, how often do you go get a car wash, and how much do you pay?

I'm debating which option is best to keep my car clean, I'm leaning towards the express car wash , and then finishing up anything it misses myself. Washing the whole car myself seems like a lot of work, and the express car was sounds like a good compromise where I only have to put the finishing touches on whatever was missed without having to pay too much for a full service car wash.
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 #50285  by Ronzuki
 Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:40 pm
Wife loves hers. Has zero interest in anything else to drive. She had an 08 w/ conventional AT first, and now has a 2011 w/ the CVT. Both purchased new. I like the smoothness of the CVT in 2011 SX4 better than the conv AT in the 08. Both AWD hatch models in mid-level trim. The 08 was styled a little nicer inside and out (for less $$) compared to the 2011. Fuel economy isn't that great on either...older engine designs w/ timing chains and are reliable. Never had any issues with either of them beyond a minor recall or two. Some 07s and possibly in to early 08s had bad main crank bearings installed at the factory by mistake. Those engines would be toast by now I'd imagine.

Changing the engine oil filter in these cars absolutely sucks.
 #50298  by KuroNekko
 Thu Aug 15, 2019 4:44 am
In all honesty, if you want AWD, then start looking at CUVs too. It seems like you prefer a sedan but the selection for AWD vehicles is much greater when you consider CUVs given many brands don't offer AWD sedans (or have not for a long time). Personally, I'd look at used Mazda CX-5s and if you want a good deal, Mitsubishi Outlanders and Outlander Sports. These are more reliable than older Subarus running EJ25s and the BMW and Infiniti in higher mileage.

I also used to be a Subaru fanboy, but their recent models (save for the WRX) have turned me off. A slew of bad head gaskets then engines that burn excessive oil plus CVTs in most of their vehicles combined with over-inflated used car prices just turned me off big time. It's one of the reasons I got interested in the Kizashi. The Kizashi is in a sweet spot where Subaru doesn't offer anything like it. It's got the handling and precision closer to a Rex with more of the refinement and comfort of the Legacy. Subaru asks you to pick one or the other while the Kizashi blends the two characteristics at a much better value point. Not too long ago, I got to drive a manual Impreza spec'ed similarly to my Kizashi of the same model year. Similar mileage too. The difference in refinement and driving enjoyment was huge and I am so glad I took a pass on an Impreza to get my Kizashi.
 #50300  by Gange
 Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:33 am
My wife loves her SX4. If you service it as required it will go forever with no problems.
She loves it that when you lowers the back seats on her hatch, there is heaps of room for loading stuff.
She has had her car for 10 years since new and loves it.