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 #50483  by Rtatr
 Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:11 am
Hi all
Have had my Kizashi since 1st March 2017 and generally i still love it however I've had problems with the Pioneer unit and it's already been replaced by Pioneer for a unit that wasn't brand new but supposedly fully working. Initially the main problem was that the unit either wouldn't power up or suddenly go blank hence the replacement. The car went into the main dealer on Friday for the second Suzuki recall and then yesterday when travelling to a new destination it just wouldn't let me input any address, the map worked whilst driving but the address panel wasn't lit up and also the Q panel both refused any input whatsoever! Then to top it all off when I came to reverse the camera didn't work
I gave up totally. This morning when the car was started before the Suzuki name came up on the screen there was another sign I'd never seen before "Nav-Gate", then the Suzuki sign and then the map. This time the address button was illuminated however I came out of the Map screen went back and it had gone back to not working!!! Also the reversing camera still isn't working. I have now taken a video which I will show to the dealer. My love of the Ignis is now threatened.... 2 recalls, a replaced satnav/infotainment unit and now this. I'm not happy. Has anyone else had any similar problems? Thanks